Most of my bad hair days are caused by my own laziness.  The common story of my morning is I should have woken up when my alarm o-clock first went off 30 minutes earlier, rather than hitting the snooze button too many times leaving me with only 30 minutes (minimal time!) to get ready.  When I find myself in these time starved scenarios, I have no choice but to prioritize whats most important so I get to work on time.

In order of importance:

  1. 2 mins: Feed the kitties (without a fail, first thing I hear is the two buggers crying at me for food like they haven’t eaten in months)
  2. 5 mins: Coffee (a must)
  3. 10 mins: Body shower (fresh hair will have to wait)
  4. 5 mins: Makeup (minimal  face is concealer, a light bronze, peachy blush on the cheeks, mascara & chapstick)
  5. 5 mins: Wardrobe (I am very lucky in that when I’m usually under the pump, my thoughtlessness in what I am grabbing out of the closet usually works out – this discovery led me to believe not to over think when putting your assemble together – I will elaborate on this topic another time)
  6. 1 min: Out the door I go with Banana and apple in hand for breaky on-the-go

That’s a total of 28 mins which only usually leaves me with literally 2 minutes to take care of my hair.  I am proud to say that I found a few very easy hair style tricks (for medium – long length hair) that I can put together in 2 mins tops that make me look like a well put together business savvy woman.

1. The hair claw messy twist up do – if you have thick hair, you may need to find a big hair claw to grab a hold of all your hair.  If you have fine hair like moi, than a basic goody hair clip like in the image above should do just fine.  Take a hold of all your hair like your about to put it in a pony tail, then holding the base of your hair with one hand, twist your hair starting from the base with the other, then fold your twisted pony so the ends of your hair are facing down towards your neck.  The fold should create a bob look.  To finish clip it with claw to hold.  I like to part my hair to side so I can pull my long bangs out of the clip and let them fall to the right side of my face.  When I do have time to wash my hair but no time to dry and style, this look also works for wet hair on the go.  By the time I get to work it looks great!

2. The Hair Donut Bun – what I love about this style is that it can turn my messy second day lifeless thin hair into a neat full looking bun.  It also makes me look like a super professional. You can buy a hair donut at your local chemist or hair specialty store for under $5.  The ones in the image above are from eBay for cheap.  There are blonde, brown and black ones available to match your hair colour.  If you want to make your own, you can use an old sock.  Here is a great tutorial I found on Pinterest on how to make the sock bun – http://madeinpretoria.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/the-sock-bun-diy-big-hair-bun/

Put your hair in a ponytail (high, low, it’s up to you).  Place your ponytail through the donut hole.  Holding the donut with one hand and the end of your ponytail with the other, begin to fold the ends of your hair around the donut and continue to roll your hair around the donut until the donut reaches the base of your ponytail.  And Voila! Your hairdo is complete. I may use some hair spray to get rid of the flyaways buts that pretty much it!

3.  Hair scarf – This hairdo is easy breezy and is great for when you want to wear your hair down.  Just wrap a scarf around your crown and give yourself an instant boho-chic look. This look can be a great extension to your wardrobe.  Bust out the scarves you’ve accumulated in your wardrobe over the years and test them out on your head.  The best kind of scarves that suit this hair style are made with a finer material like linen or hemp.  I like to have that double wrap around look so I tend to use longer scarves.  But shorter ones works too… if it can only wrap around once, tie a bow or knot in the back or on the side.  You can find my many colour/patterns of scarves.  I like to go to my local flea markets to find unique scarves for a bargain!

Images courtesy of: (Hair scarf – freepeople.com/) (Goody hair claws – target.com) & (Hair donuts – factory depot on eBay)