I wish it was always this easy…

I find it hard to change old bad habits and traits that definitely do not bring out the best in me. And lets face it, we all have our flaws.

But on the other hand, I believe that if we truly want to change, we have the capability to do so.  Moreover, I think it is a really healthy tool to self evaluate from time to time.  Making improvements and adjustments to ourselves is both challenging and rewarding.

First step is to realize that you want to change.

Next step is putting in the effort and little bit of work to make the change.  Lets face it, we just can’t change with a snap of our fingers.  Changing old bad habits will most likely take some effort to re-program the brain.  But with strength to persist and adapt to the new way of whatever it is, it will be more than worth it.

And when you want to give up and go back to what feels ‘normal’ or ‘easy’, try to envision the way it made you feel behaving that way.  Then imagine the new improved you once you make this transition successfully.  If its worth it, you’ll keep going.

Lastly, have faith in YOURSELF and the confidence you can be whoever you want to be.

What are some ways that you have been able to kill bad habits or traits you were not proud of?

I’m putting this question out there to the universe in hopes that we can brainstorm some ideas together…