This article really highlights that gender inequality still exists in western civilization – maybe not so much on the surface anymore, but still in the minds of our male counterparts. This leads me to ponder whether or not the glass ceiling both in the workplace & family life will ever dissipate. Moreover, is it even realistic to think that we can achieve pure gender equality? Or does nature’s biological makeup prevent this from ever happening? Will we truly be happy with if it’s achieved?

Do not get me wrong, I am very proud of all of the women who have fought for political and social equal rights. I also believe that the glass ceiling effect in the workplace can and should be completely lifted, because whether man or woman, we all have the equal mental and emotional capability to succeed in a job.

On the contrary, the family life setting is where I think maintaining a certain level of divide between man vs. woman roles is OK – but let me be clear, I do not think we should go back to to the strict divide that our grandparents were raised on. With both partners being in the workforce today, it is simply unrealistic. However, there is something natural about designating the mother to have more of a dominant role in raising the babies/children when young, as we have the mother’s intuition built in us from the moment of conception. Some heavy jobs around the house are better left for the male anatomy to do. But with this said, I also think that these roles can be blended and each partner should support one another when the other wants to dabble into their territory.

All in all, it’s about moderation, keeping an open mind as the world continues to evolve and most importantly being fair and respectable towards each another.