Sun-SalutationTaking just a couple minutes out of your day to complete the 12 step flow of poses called Sun Salutations could be more beneficial than you realize.

Just complete the 12 poses in a flowing manner.  Start the 1st pose with a deep long INHALE then a deep long EXHALE during the 2nd pose and continue to flow through each pose using this breathing pattern.

If I have minimal time, I’ll do a set of 3 and sometimes I continue doing it longer.

It does the body good.  How do you ask?

Sun Salutations allow you to balance your mind, body and spirit back to their healthy equilibrium state.  So any kinks or imbalances that you are feeling emotionally, mentally or physically, can be improved by these simple moves.

MENTALLY – It wakes up your senses, making you feel more alert and ready to take on the day’s challenges.  If you feel like you are experiencing mental overload at work for example, it is a great way to turn off for a few minutes and then go back to the task with possibly  a fresh perspective.

EMOTIONALLY – It relaxes and calms your emotions.  The power of the breathing technique can be very uplifting.  It releases beautiful endorphins that are known to improve a bad mood.

PHYSICALLY – stretches the muscles, improves your flexibility and is a full body workout in one.

Let me know if you gain any other benefits from Sun Salutations.  I’d love to hear them:-)

Xo Ash

*Just reminding you I am not a professional in the yoga field, these are just my personal thoughts and learning’s from this exercise.