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I have been running so sweaty my whole life
Urgent for a finish line
And I have been missing the rapture this whole time of being forever incomplete
Ever unfolding
Ever expanding
Ever adventurous
And torturous
And never done
– Alanis Morisette (lyrics from her song, Incomplete)


I’ve been kicking it old school lately by busting out some old CD’s.  I came across Alanis Morisette’s 2008 album “Flavors of Entanglement”.  I can remember buying this album just before a past boyfriend and I parted ways and this album helped me gain empowerment and strength during that time.  Alanis’ whole album goes through the journey of moving on from a relationship (I believe the album was written about her break up from Ryan Reynolds).

The songs are raw and real – she sings about plenty of heavy negative stuff as well as finding your feet again and new-found happiness.

The final song on the album is called “Incomplete” and it’s full of insightful and optimistic messages. 

You may be getting over a breakup, frustrated at not getting that job promotion you deserved, or in just some sort of rut, and hopefully this song can remind you to look at the bigger picture of the issue at hand.

I’ve found a beautiful acoustic version of Alanis performing it…

xo Ash


Let’s give a well deserved group hug to Grouplove.

This eccentric Cali band wears their heart on their sleeve and its definitely displayed in their new music video for their single “Shark Attack”.

2 reasons why I dig this band:

  • F U N – Their quirky pop rock music makes me want to let go of all inhibitions and dance my heart out.
  • &
  • F E A R L E S S – Their songs and performances are full of passion, love & humility.  They have the ability to convey raw human emotion, flaws and all, through beautiful melodies.

Here is one more of their songs that I love right now “Borderlines and Aliens”…. ari-ari-ari-gato!

Hope your ears and hips enjoy:-D

Happy Friday to you all!




WOW, unreal, super duper talented, how does he do it?? – these are all the thoughts that came to mind while watching this video.

This is a MUST see video guaranteed to entertain!  I am absolutely in awe of his talent.  Enjoy!





I needed a bit of inspiration to get back into the grind of things after the Easter long weekend, so I turned to this sister trio band called Haim (pronounced to ryhme with “ryhme”). They are from California and have known around the indie scene for some time. These girls are rumoured to be the next big thing and I completely understand why.  Their music has been described like “nu-folk meets nineties R&B” and I couldn’t agree more. Check out their music video for their most recent single “Falling” above, and if your diggin it, also take a listen to their older stuff like “Forever” and “Don’t Save me”… loooove them!