Do you sometimes forget about your jewelry because its unorganized in your drawers, tangled in a bag or hidden in your closet? This was my problem. It got to a point where I just wasn’t wearing any of my bling!

I can now happily see all my favorite jewelry hanging orderly to help spruce up my outfits.

All it took was a few easy steps to make this jewelry wall organizer possible.

1. Find an old piece of wood with character.  The piece I found came from an old wooden boat!

2. Lightly sand if needed & give it a quick coat of lacquer to protect the wood. I used a matte finish to keep the natural look.

3. Find antique knobs & hooks that you fancy. I had fun shopping at antique shops for these unique pieces.

4. Arrange how you want the knobs & hooks to be mounted on the wood. I made sure to organize them so they were staggered to prevent necklaces from overlapping each other. Mark each spot out with a pencil.

5. Each knob & hook will have to be screwed into the wood. Using a drill with the appropriate bits for each screw size needed, drill the bits into the wood to enable you to successfully screw in each piece. The depth of how far you need to go into the wood will vary depending in each hook/knob. Some were more complicated than others but this is where my nifty boyfriend helped me out.

6. The final stage is the most fun! Arrange your jewelry & accessories as desired!