There are other ways for a lady to show a hint of sexiness and seductiveness with her outfit other than busting out the twins in a low cut dress and & push up bra or exposing the midriff (for me, its just showing off my food belly hehe).

BABY GOT BACK – and I don’t mean your derriére like Sir Mix A Lot is referring to.  Showing off a bit of back is so underrated.  The right backless top or dress could show off those sexy traps that you’ve been working so hard on in Pilates.

A sheer back blouse or a deep drop back dress can really go a long way in tastefully displaying a woman’s beautiful figure.

Here are some of my favourite examples below…

So next time you want to add some spice to your outfit for date night, try to go for the backless loveliness look.

xo Ash


High waist jeans and that top! <3backless