eva3Eva Mendes.  Sultry and elegant from the sound of her name to her style.

From the streets to movie premieres, I think the secret to Eva’s amazing fashion sense is her ability to accessorize really well.

She’s very strategic when it comes to adding the right sunglasses, hair pieces, shoes, purses and jewelry to her outfits.  She has that ability to turn a drabby lounging outfit into a flawless elegant look just by a doss of fancy sandal platforms +  colourful sunnies + a flashy purse.

I confess that I put very little thought into my accessories when I am hastily getting ready to head out the door.  Although, I may take some more time and thought next time with accessorizing because selecting the right accessories could make or break an outfit.

So, Accessorizing Lessons to take from the Ms. Mendes are:

  • If your clothing is bright and/or is busy with patterns/prints, keep the accessories to the minimum and select classy simple pieces so you don’t overdue the ensemble.


  • If your outfit is more plain jane, then have fun choosing accessories with pops of colours and prints/patterns like red hot ray bans, a flower pattern head scarf, a paisley printed handbag or leopard printed shoes!


  • Lets face it, Eva has one of the rarest and hottest accessories of all – the RYAN GOSLING.