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To figure out whether you have warm or cool skin tone, review this checklist to  e n l i g h t e n  you:

1. V E I N S – check your inner wrists; WARM if your veins are more greenish and COOL if they are more on the blue side.

2. J E W E L R YWARM if you suit gold jewelry and COOL if silvers look more fab on you.

3.  S U N  E F F E C TWARM if you have the ability to develop a golden tan and it is typical to have freckled skin too (EXCEPTION would be those on the extreme fair side like pale-warm toned Amy Adams who only burns) .  COOL if you are fair and only burn, or if your medium to dark skinned you either burn, turn pink then develop a dark/bronzed tan.

4. C L O T H I N GWARM if natural earth tones suit you: cream, beige, light peach, orange-reds, olive green, browns.  COOL if white, black, blue based red, blue & purple compliments you best.

5. H A I R  – WARM if your hair has golden/honey undertones.  Think golden blonde, caramel and rich chocolate brown. COOL if you have blue undertones.  Think ash blondes, deep reds, cool browns and jet black.

6. E Y E SWARM if you have hazel, green, greenish-blue, amber or golden brown eyes.  COOL if you have deep brown, black brown, gray blue or dark blue, hazel with gray flecks eyes.

Remember, there are different variations of warm and cool skin tones: you could be pale, fair, olive, medium or dark.

There is also such thing as NEUTRAL meaning you sway both ways (like me!)… If this is the case for you, you probably had mixed answers but one thing that is pretty certain is you will sway stronger to one side than the other.

Here are a some celebrity examples to help put it into context:


Amy Adams has a fair warm skin tone.  She would apply to the warm group who is too fair to tan.


Ashley Olsen is also on the fair warm tone side too but also has the ability to tan.  Her hair is on the lighter blonde side but has golden highlights coming through to compliment her skin tone.


Same applies for Jessica Biel – she has a fair warm tone and honey blonde hair really suits her.


Jennifer Aniston has a medium olive warm skin tone which enables her to achieve a glowing golden tan.


Jessica Alba is also medium olive warm toned and suits those honey blonde-brown locks and gold jewelry and clothes.


Beyonce is dark warm skin toned and gold suits her to the tee!


Moving into cool skin tone girls, Anne Hathaway has a fair cool tone which matches beautifully with blues and dark cool brown hair.

About Time - World Premiere

Rachel McAdams also has a fair cool skin tone with subtle pink undertones and this copper orange hair colour looks gorgeous on her.l


Lea Michele has cool olive skin tone and that white silver dress really makes her features pop.

Lupita Nyong’o is dark cool and that turquoise blue really works wonders on her skin tone.

I hope this post assists you when making your everyday beauty decisions.


Peachy Ash



Do you sometimes forget about your jewelry because its unorganized in your drawers, tangled in a bag or hidden in your closet? This was my problem. It got to a point where I just wasn’t wearing any of my bling!

I can now happily see all my favorite jewelry hanging orderly to help spruce up my outfits.

All it took was a few easy steps to make this jewelry wall organizer possible.

1. Find an old piece of wood with character.  The piece I found came from an old wooden boat!

2. Lightly sand if needed & give it a quick coat of lacquer to protect the wood. I used a matte finish to keep the natural look.

3. Find antique knobs & hooks that you fancy. I had fun shopping at antique shops for these unique pieces.

4. Arrange how you want the knobs & hooks to be mounted on the wood. I made sure to organize them so they were staggered to prevent necklaces from overlapping each other. Mark each spot out with a pencil.

5. Each knob & hook will have to be screwed into the wood. Using a drill with the appropriate bits for each screw size needed, drill the bits into the wood to enable you to successfully screw in each piece. The depth of how far you need to go into the wood will vary depending in each hook/knob. Some were more complicated than others but this is where my nifty boyfriend helped me out.

6. The final stage is the most fun! Arrange your jewelry & accessories as desired!