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Surfing does a body, mind & spirit good…

A great way to start the day is getting up early and doing an activity you love.

For me, I got to enjoy some morning surfing at a reef break called Point Impossible between Torquay and Ocean Grove this past long weekend.

There is something special about being in the ocean…the serenity, mystery and of course wicked sets of waves coming through is bliss to me (and a great workout too!).

Elaborating from the “Respect the Reef” sign in my photo, also remember to Respect Nature, Respect your Peers and most importantly Respect Yourself.  Get up and do something that does your body, mind and spirit good.

Namaste xo



Leaner. Longer. Stronger.

I may be late to the party on this one but I recently discovered the newest fitness craze – The BARRE WORKOUT.


The Barre fitness sensation, pronounced “bah-rey”  (just remember it rhymes with hooray) started in the celebrity scene in Los Angeles and New York, and has spread globally.

I am always up for trying something new and exciting that will challenge me both physically and mentally.  Lucky for me, it has reached Australian shores!  I have signed myself up for my first class next week and I will let you guys know how I go:-)

Here is one studio’s synopsis of what the Barre workout is all about…


A dancer’s body is a beautiful thing. The problem was, until now, you had to be a dancer to have one. Meet the Barreworks™ exercise system – workouts that blend fitness training, core conditioning, yoga and pilates into one dynamic class. Our fat burning, muscle sculpting, stress relieving workouts will reshape your body and your idea of what a fitness class can be.


Inspired by the celebrity endorsed, barre fitness sensation in New York and Los Angeles, the Barreworks™ exercise system was created by a team of certified fitness and yoga instructors and dance professionals. Together they are committed to developing safe and effective workouts that quickly develop long, lean muscles without the bulk.


Using the ballet barre, resistance bands and weighted balls, you will be engaged in an energizing combination of exercises that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Muscle sculpting, cardio training, core conditioning and deep stretching with an emphasis on posture and alignment.  All this, set to a kick ass playlist.

Enough said… I’m pumped to give it a try! Update you soon:-)

xo Ash

Above images and description are found on  I will have to check out one of their Toronto based studios next time I am visiting home:-))