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Live in the present.

Make the most of the moment.

Be grateful with what you have.

Give our undivided attention to those currently in front of us.

These are all positive actions that will help us become the person we want to be.

When we veer out of a present positive mind state, chances are it’s caused from reminiscing on negative past experiences or it’s from worrying about something in the future. These thoughts can then lead to feelings of resentment, sadness, regret, worry, fear, stress, etc – none of these are good for the present self.  It is all good to reminiscence on happy times and brainstorm hopes and dreams for the future but that is where it should stop.  No negativity.

Rather than dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, it makes a lot of sense to just be present right here right now.  Practicing this way of thinking would bring about a lot more positivity into our minds.  Let’s try to fill our mind with gratefulness, optimism, love, endearment and understanding.

Let go of the past, make the most of the now, be hopeful for the future.

The future that will transpire will be the result of your actions in the present.

I hope you all have a great weekend.





I came across this quote today and thought I’d share it with you all.  True wise words that we should all use to self-evaluate from time to time.

If you are struggling with something from the past, a couple thoughts to add to this are listen to your heart, as it will tell you what the right path is.  Once you take those first steps remember that you can go at your own pace… stroll, walk, jog or run, as long as you are moving forward you will get to where you want to be.